I love shooting high school sports, and I want students and parents to have the photos to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the equipment and software required to do this well are very expensive. So I sell the photos, hoping to cover some of my costs. But I try to keep the prices low enough that most people can easily afford them.

The large number of sports photos means that I can't keep everything online forever. I try to keep all of them online for at least one year, but they may be deleted at any time after that.

Some sports are harder to shoot than others. While I try to get a little bit of every sport, I like to focus most of my attention on the more difficult sports where my efforts are most helpful and appreciated (i.e. more sales). But I’ll go wherever the interest is, so if you want more coverage for your sport or team, get them to buy more pictures. :-)

Finally, rather than hope I get a good shot or two of a specific athlete, you can arrange for me to focus all of my attention on the athlete you care about, and then get a CD full of images of them after an event. See the section called “Rates” for details.