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I've enjoyed photography all my life, and I’ve specifically spent the last fifteen-plus years learning everything I can about sports and action photography. Very often on the sidelines I run into parents or others who have nice cameras but are still struggling to get good action photos. They have discovered that simply setting their camera to “Auto” and then firing away doesn't always work very well, and they are not sure what to do next.

I've also realized that the way I shoot sports also works well for virtually any type of photography where your subject is in motion, such as theater or stage performances, kids at a playground, etc.

So I’ve decided to try and pass on what I have learned by teaching some classes through the University of Utah's Lifelong Learning program.

The first class is called either "Photographing People in Motion" or "Photographing Youth Sports", depending on the semester. We cover camera settings, shooting techniques and post-processing tips that will dramatically improve your images of people who are moving, in almost any light, using the camera you already have. The class includes a field-trip to a local sporting event for practice.

Another class, called "Develop Your Photographic Eye," is more general. It covers topics such as basic design and composition, visual effects of various camera settings, useful shooting techniques, essential post-processing skills, etc.

I also teach classes on smartphone photography and photo editing.

Classes are held in the evenings, usually near the University of Utah campus. Anyone with a basic knowledge of their DSLR or mirrorless camera is welcome.

Current class offerings can be found using the following link: