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Where should I stand to get a good shot of my favorite soccer player with my current camera and lens?

If I change to a full-frame camera, or buy a new lens, how will that affect the shots I can get at a baseball game?

How close do I need to be to a bird or animal to get a shot that will make a large, high-quality print?

PhotoRanger answers these types of questions. You tell it what kind of camera and lens you have (or want), what your subject is, and what type of output you want to produce, then PhotoRanger shows you where you must be to get the shots you want.

A top-down display allows you to pick a position around a court or playing field (or simple distance markings), and PhotoRanger displays colored bands showing the areas where you can capture your subject. It also shows you what you will see in your camera’s viewfinder when your subject is at the closest and farthest possible distances from you. It even tells you if you must have your camera in portrait or landscape orientation, or if either will work.

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PhotoRanger is available on Apple iPhones and iPads.

Privacy policy: No information of any kind is collected by this app.
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