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I am very sorry that I am unable to sell photos from state tournament events.

Most statewide high school tournaments and other competitions in Utah are run by the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA). They have adopted a very strict policy regarding photography at these events. They require a media pass for field or floor access, and then essentially prohibit the photographers and agencies who receive a pass from using their photos for any commercial purposes other than printing them in their publications.

Although I work with a couple of different media agencies and am eligible for a media pass, the UHSAA policy prevents me from selling any of the photos I take.

(It is interesting to note that the major newspapers in the area offer their photos for sale in violation of this policy, but their selections are extremely limited and expensive.)

Occasionally a photography business will pay the UHSAA for exclusive photography rights to an event, then sell their photos for exclusive prices.

This policy has the unfortunate side effect of making it very difficult for athletes and parents to obtain quality photos from these championship events at reasonable prices, if they can find any at all.

I have voiced my concerns to the UHSAA and suggested some alternatives, but have been ignored. I suspect that the only way the policy will change is if enough schools, athletes, parents, coaches, etc. contact the UHSAA and ask them to change it.

The UHSAA website is at:

Their photography policy is at: